Proper eye care is important for people of all ages and regular eye exams are encouraged for everyone, but especially for those already using glasses or contact lenses. Your vision plays a vital role in your life each and every day, which is why it is so important to take the right steps for maintaining good eye health. At Milwaukie Family Eyecare, we provide a variety of services, from general exams to corrective surgery. We also carry a wide selection of eye frames for our patients as well.

Comprehensive Assessment
At our comprehensive exam, we identify and address optical conditions (those that can be corrected with glasses or contacts) as well as eye health conditions (those that have to do with the internal health and function of your eye). Once we know where you’re starting from, we can create a plan to improve your vision.

Curious to learn more? Check out our page of common eye conditions.

That goes for both adults and children too, by the way. We’re happy to answer kids’ questions, explain what’s going on, alleviate their concerns and make the experience fun.

Custom Fitting of Contact Lenses
If you have an optical condition like presbyopia, we’ll work with you step-by-step to find the best prescription. Once we do that, you get to decide whether you’d like glasses, contacts or both.

If you’re considering contacts, we’ll walk you through the options, let you try different brands, fit the lenses with you and show you how to care for them. Our goal is to fit you with a product that feels really comfortable and delivers your best vision.

Sale, Repair and Warranty of Frames and Lenses
We have a variety of trending brands to choose from. Our opticians are happy to help you understand your options and guide you to the glasses you’re going to love. And if anything goes wrong later? We offer the dispensary and repair services to make it right.

Visit our optical boutique: click here to browse brands, or drop by our clinic to see what’s on the shelf.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Conditions
If you’re suffering from an eye health issue or ocular disease, we’ll identify what’s going on and implement a plan to manage that condition, preserve your vision and, if possible, improve it too.

If you have diabetes, or another ocular condition which requires close monitoring, we’ll keep in touch with regular exams to make sure you’re receiving the eye care you need.

Emergency Care
Emergencies don’t happen on schedule. If you experience any sudden changes in your vision, or vision loss; if you get something in your eye, or you find that your eyes have become red or sore – let us know. We’re here for you when you need us.

Coordination of Care
If your condition can’t be treated within our clinic, we’ll refer you to the most appropriate specialist. We have great relationships with our network of specialists; that’s something we’re especially proud of. We’re confident we can find the right fit for your needs.

Insurance Billing Services
It’s a complex process, insurance. We take an active role in helping you get the care you need under the coverage you have, while making everything roll along as smoothly as possible.

For a list of insurance providers, click here.

If you have any questions about our services or procedures, please call us today at (503) 829-9186.